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Personal Training

Personal Training

I specialise in: autoimmune conditions and professional support

Personal training for autoimmune and chronic conditions
If you suffer from autoimmune conditions like:

  • P.F.A.P.A, F.M.F or other periodic fevers
  • Ankylotic Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus or other musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions
  • CIDP or MS 
    or from chronic conditions such as:
  • Persisting pains and aches
  • Poor recovery from old injuries

Then you most certainly will benefit from exercising. My approach to our 1-on-1 sessions, will be to design training programs that will manage your individual situation, improve your overall health and those aspects of life mostly affected by your condition.


Personal training for professionals

Busy professionals who work long hours at stressful or physically demanding jobs, often have musculoskeletal issues because of the nature of their job. Those issues can manifest in:

  • Pains and aches
  • Stiffness and other forms of discomfort

 which in turn will almost certainly affect concentration and reduce performance at work. Worst case scenario, they can lead to occupational injuries.

My approach takes into consideration the nature of your job and its physical requirements, even if you are engaged in sedentary tasks, to manage existing issues or prevent their development, therefore supporting and maximising your professional “performance”, not unlike the support an athlete would get for their needs.


New Online Service with the use of PT Distinction, a sophisticated online training software. Whether you train at a gym, use training equipment at your own place, or just use your bodyweight, PTD allows for the creation of individualised training programs serving the purpose of both rehabilitation and fitness training. It includes videos of all exercises, notes and guidelines, note taking sections for the client, contact support directly to the trainer and many other features to make your online training as efficient as possible.

Rehab: £70/week* Includes
*Initial consultation £30 (discounted from first payment upon signing up).

Training Tier 1: £249 (12 week package)

  • Free initial assessment
  • Progression of 3 programs (1/month) tailored to your level and goals
  • Monthly re-assessment (video call)
  • In-app contact support

Training Tier 2: £339 (12 week package)

  • Free initial assessment
  • Progression of 3 programs (1/month) tailored to your level and goals
  • Weekly reviews (video review messages) and editing of program according to weekly progression
  • Monthly re-assessment (video call) 
  • In-app and text messaging support

Annual Membership Tier 1: £70/month
Annual Membership Tier 2: £100/month

Personal Training for health and fitness

Individuals who are under neither of the above categories will still be more than welcome to start, or continue, their journey into becoming healthier and fitter for the demanding challenges of everyday life.


  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Strength
  • Mobility

On all three categories you will be educated on the how’s and why’s of training, the fundamentals of exercising and gym myths to debunk. Most importantly, you’ll master the correct technique tailored to your anatomy. All this, under the prism of your individual circumstances



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