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Sports Therapy focuses on the prevention of potential injury,
the post-injury rehabilitation as well as the optimisation of occupational and sports specific physical requirements,
regardless of the existence or not of injuries, through the use of remedial massage and specialised exercising.


Whether an athlete, an accountant, a mother, a fitness enthusiast, a banker, a driver, a musician or a therapist –
we all suffer from aches and pains which are a result of the misuse of our body when it comes to meeting the physical demands of our job or activity.

Examples of how those pains can interfere with our everyday life, let alone with the targets we might have set, include that lower back pain that won’t allow you to work long at the desk
when you have to generate an urgent report; the tight neck muscles that caused a bad night’s sleep,
which caused a headache, which in turn doesn’t allow you to concentrate during that pressing meeting; the freezing pain in the forearm
which makes you perform poorly during your concert; that sprained ankle which doesn’t seem to get better, keeping
you off training schedule; the list is long.

Technically, anyone who has muscles bones and joints could benefit from Sports Therapy
just as anyone with a mouth would benefit from a visit to the dentist.

The word “sports” before “therapy” or “massage” quite often misleads one to believe they need to be an athlete in order to require consultation with a sports therapist. Indeed, sports therapy was designed to cover the needs of an athlete, but it is not only athletes who have goals to achieve and musculoskeletal issues that hinder them from achieving them.

There is a dividing line between a request and what your case may actually require. In the ideal world, a treatment would be dictated by the given case. It is not uncommon though that someone may not be a fan of physical activity. These individuals can still benefit from massage exclusive sessions, but the level of recovery will be limited to the extent of what sports massage can offer and vise versa.

The reason and nature of your problem will be identified through observation (posture, gait analysis, compensation patterns) and testing (motion, proprioception, strength, balance, co-ordination). An individualised plan will then be designed, with the integration of specialised exercise training and sports massage, to address the problem at its roots. Should the findings fall outside the scope of practice, you will be presented with guidelines - options as to how to proceed with your therapy and referrals in accordance with your needs.


ancient Greek physician

"All parts of the body that have a function, if used in moderation and exercise in labors in which each is accustomed, become thereby healthy, well developed and age slowly; but if unused and left idle, they become liable to disease, defective growth and age quickly."